Before Sunset ★★★★★

Damn - this might even be better than the first part....

I stayed away from this for a long time because I never felt a sequel was necessary (I still don't) but Before Sunset is a very different beast to it's predecessor. If the first movie is a romantic fantasy, then this is the cynical reality.... and it's beautiful.

The thing I really enjoyed most about this movie is the urgency of it. The film almost plays out in real time. As Jessie and Celine become re-acquainted, we are constantly reminded that Jessie has to catch a flight within 2 hours and it's a marvel watching the characters cram in as much of themselves as they can before they inevitably have to part ways again.

True love isn't the romantic fantasy, sometimes it's simply two people enjoying each others company so completely that everything else in the world ceases to matter. Before Sunset captures that feeling perfectly and in such an urgent manner that it's impossible not be entranced.

Just a lovely film on every level.