Police Story

Police Story ★★★★½

I've always felt that Kung Fu flicks offer some of the best that cinema has to offer. You simply cannot beat a well-choreographed action or fight scene. Sure sometimes you want a good story and good acting. But more often than not, what I get really excited about (and I think this is true of most people) is human beings doing physical things that physically shouldn't be possible. That's better than any special effect I can think of.

Police Story knows exactly what it wants to be and delivers some of the most incredible stunts I've ever seen. The fight choreography is majestic and the absolute disregard for human safety is jawdropping.
The story is a little trite, and many of the jokes are cheesy, but who cares when the action is this insane.

Police Story captures Jackie Chan at the absolute height of his powers. It's a wonderful, joyous celebration of action cinema (and slapstick comedy) and I loved every single minute of it.

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