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  • Tumbbad



    One of the most refreshing works to come out of India. A horror film with awesome effects (a perfect blend of practical and digital), stellar cinematography and equally impressive creature design. The music was a bit too intrusive at times, but everything else, technically speaking, was firing off on all cylinders.

    I really admired the anti-hero and the fact that virtually every character were vile beings. There wasn't really anyone to root for, but the creatures perhaps.

    I really hope Tumbbad is a huge success. We need more films from India like this. I loved it!

  • Kramasha



    Amit Dutta's uniquely original short film that admittedly warrants further viewings in the near future as there is a lot of depth and layers here to peel back and analyze.

    I can say this though, upon initial viewing, I am completely enamoured with its editing and visual flair evoking a style all its own.

    At times the camera techniques were a little more flash and seemingly less adherent with the ideology on display, but what a piece of work.

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  • Killers



    An amazing follow-up film to The Mo Brothers slasher extravaganza, Macabre (Rumah Dara). I love, love, loved Macabre, and I think due to that insane passion, it may blindly always be my favorite thing they have done, but that said, this is one hell of a step up in terms of maturity as filmmakers and storytellers, but also in the way everything is crafted and executed on screen.

    The film is slow burning, but very intense and when the fan…

  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    This movie has been talked to death about, and it deserves to be talked about as much as it has been and continues to be. I will just say, for me, it is my favorite horror film since Martyrs back in 2008. Loved it. Hot damn, what a debut. Can't to see what Jennifer Kent does next.