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  • A Nice Girl Like You

    A Nice Girl Like You


    This movie has practically no tension or plot. Truly ludicrous.
    It also weirds me out when actors and characters share a name.

  • A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale

    A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale


    Ever since watching Jonathan Bennett on Celebrity Big Brother, it’s just impossible for me to buy him as a heterosexual love interest. All of my stars are for Sweetie Pie.

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  • Rent



    I lost my virginity while watching this movie. Not tonight. Like a decade ago...

  • Hereditary



    About 6 months ago,  the world started seeing advertisements for a film that was touted as “a game changer” and “the scariest movie ever made”. People, myself included, started looking forward to the release of Hereditary. Recently, Letterboxd started filling with reviews for this much anticipated film - the most positive, enticing reviews I’ve seen. People I follow and trust gave 5 stars, a heart, and glowing reviews about holding back tears, almost passing out, being haunted by horrifying images.…