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  • Correcting Christmas

    Correcting Christmas


    This is a truly horrible film featuring Jan Brady (annoying AF). The plot makes no sense and all of the characters are unbearable.

    At one point, someone references some gelatinous thing they ate and someone else tells them they weren’t supposed to eat it and there is a real awkwardness about what that thing was. I’d like to know.

    (as Back to Christmas)

  • Water for Elephants

    Water for Elephants


    This might be one of my favorite movies. Top 20 or so. My favorite part is when they discover Rosie is Polish. Seems so symbolic.
    The cast really all brings their A games here. Good stuff.

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  • Rent



    I lost my virginity while watching this movie. Not tonight. Like a decade ago...

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    What a great movie! So heartfelt, moving and emotional. I was brought to tears several times - sometimes because I was sad, but also sometimes because I was happy - because what was happening was so true and beautiful. Great cast playing deep, complex, sympathetic characters. The story about the octopus was so perfect on so many levels. Such sensitive subject matter handled so wonderfully. I'm so happy to have seen this movie.