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  • Dig Two Graves

    Dig Two Graves


    Ugh. I don't even have the energy to write anything about this movie. So bad.

  • The Disappointments Room

    The Disappointments Room


    I now have a very real desire to see a well made movie about a disappointments room. The concept is very intriguing to me. I do not consider this a well made movie about a disappointments room. I'm not even sure I would really even consider this a movie about a disappointments room at all. The pacing on this film was a train wreck. It feels like they put the last 20 minutes or so into a blender and then…

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  • Rent



    I lost my virginity while watching this movie. Not tonight. Like a decade ago...

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    What a great movie! So heartfelt, moving and emotional. I was brought to tears several times - sometimes because I was sad, but also sometimes because I was happy - because what was happening was so true and beautiful. Great cast playing deep, complex, sympathetic characters. The story about the octopus was so perfect on so many levels. Such sensitive subject matter handled so wonderfully. I'm so happy to have seen this movie.