Hereditary ½

About 6 months ago,  the world started seeing advertisements for a film that was touted as “a game changer” and “the scariest movie ever made”. People, myself included, started looking forward to the release of Hereditary. Recently, Letterboxd started filling with reviews for this much anticipated film - the most positive, enticing reviews I’ve seen. People I follow and trust gave 5 stars, a heart, and glowing reviews about holding back tears, almost passing out, being haunted by horrifying images. Tonight I finally saw this film that held so much promise and excitement. Two hours and change later, I’m absolutely shocked to find out that the past six months of hype and pointed, targeted advertising, along with the thousands of epic reviews on this site were actually all part of a very elaborate plot to punk me. It’s hard not to believe that this was all a Truman Show-esque experiment because otherwise that would mean that I really am this profoundly and inexcusably removed from the common consensus on what is good versus what is very, very bad. I’m sad and disillusioned. If this is the “future of modern horror” then I don’t think I can be a horror fan anymore.

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