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  • Morvern Callar

    Morvern Callar

    Blinking lights shatter life's momentum, and induce a hypnotic melancholy that you almost drown in. Ramsay's audio-visual trance is absolutely empathetic and completely bleak; Morvern is slowly decaying, using every stimulus to push back trauma and fight back horror and a bit of guilt.

    Anyone who puts lights on a "blinking" function is a monster.

  • Ratcatcher


    Navigating pain in a broken place, shattered by a lack of support and an abundance of judgement. Ramsay has an immediate eye for natural emotion, for guilt and dark clouds ricocheting off the mud, laying with the piles of trash.

    She's empathetic to the hurt, dreaming for a chance at escape, recognizing the unlikelihood of change, but eternally hoping wheat will replace dirt. An excellent debut.

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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant

    Five years ago, as I walked out of Prometheus, my imagination was ablaze with the possible trajectories the sequel would go as David and Elizabeth’s journey to their creators continued. That film, while certainly dreary, had a streak of optimism in discovery that high school Austin expected to continue. I was totally unprepared for Ridley Scott to submerge my soul into an inescapable hell.

    Alien: Covenant is unrelentingly nihilistic in its philosophy, seemingly suggesting that humanity is a disgusting species…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    The unbound fantasy of rolling down your windows and letting the wind pour into the car, swirling around you and who you love most. Veins exploding from the adrenaline rush of allowing yourself to feel free, dopamine swimming from your heart because you're sharing that freedom with the angel in the seat next to you. The music that's always dulled your pain split between shared headphones. Edgar Wright's soul is gushing waves of pure delight.

    Unlike the manic subversiveness of…