2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey

*Digital IMAX with Petar (his first time seeing this)*

Human consciousness destined to journey beyond current dimensional and physical understanding; transcendence eternally fused with violence and survival. No matter how deeply we evolve we're confused and at the mercy of celestial existence. The quiet infinite dark and the infinite dream of discovering what lies beyond the visible light.

During the intermission, Petar immediately noted how patient each sequence is, how immaculate and gorgeous Kubrick's framing is. Obviously the climax is a phantasmagoria of color and galactic scope, but the entire film is revolutionarily gorgeous and complexly stylized.

I hope we're more than just survivalists. I hope our souls evolve into something more peaceful and more at ease with our existence in the universe. HAL and David both killed to survive and our souls are fluid and complex.

Obviously one of the greatest movies ever.

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