Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

*Ultimate Edition*

A complete deconstruction of heroism in a world where the War on Terror is quite often the greatest source of violence. Outside of Watchmen and The Dark Knight, this is probably the most thematically rich and visually ambitious superhero film ever made.

Snyder uses Batman and Superman's iconography and mythos to tease apart their importance in a culture that rejects a savior in favor of bureaucracy and fear, that would rather allow corrupt systems to maintain their structure than be saved. This is a film that has Bruce Wayne echo Dick Cheney and suggests that every action, even those done out of kindness and love has consequences.

What truly struck me this time around though is that ultimately, this is about a psychotic billionaire who has never recovered from violent trauma being humbled by an immigrant who just wants to do the right thing. Once the "other" has been humanized (the Martha moment is beautiful I don't give a fuck what most of you say), it is impossible to see them with the same rage and unearned hate your heart previously held.

Snyder is the true god.

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