Knives Out

Knives Out

Even more than the film's structural and visual ingenuity, I adore the philosophy(ies) Johnson continues to weave into the foundation of his movies: Kindness is a strength that undoes insidiousness. This is a mystery of sorts, yes, but it's a narrative tool to dissect the complications of family and politics, of social ideas and the value of right. But Johnson crisscrosses mystery across flashback and present, through deceit and misdirection—this is great filmmaking carried to conclusion by a terrific cast.

De Arnas, Evans, Shannon, and Craig (along with the rest) are each terrific, carrying the film's emotional and humorous weight; there are lines and moments in here that carve the heart and others that are totally hysterical. The line that I will now try to work into my own life whenever possible being "I will not eat one iota of shit!"

My house, my rules, my coffee indeed.

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