All the President's Men ★★★★★

Felt a sudden urge to watch this. COULDN'T SAY WHY.

Obviously, this is a brilliant movie, but I don't know if I feel qualified this second to expound on why. It had been a while since I'd seen it, and the arc and climax of Woodward and Bernstein's story, as portrayed here, can feel truncated if you're not already familiar with the shape of it. That said, it's made by a murderer's row of talent -- director Pakula, screenwriter Goldman, obviously Redford and Hoffman, plus Robards, Holbrook, and the rest of the amazing cast, some incredible photography from Gordon Willis ... it all adds up to a film like The Social Network -- on paper, what you're watching should be boring as shit, but in the hands of these incredible talents, it becomes electric.

I dunno. I want to watch it again, maybe with Redford's commentary track. I want to go through the rest of the Blu-ray special features. I want to read the dang book! I want to know this movie, inside and out, and that's probably the biggest compliment I could pay it.