Dark City ★★★★

This movie really surprised me. Granted, I'm not sure what I was expecting. I knew next-to-nothing about it; it was just one of those films everyone else seemed to have seen, which most people spoke favorably about, and which had always been on my "to-see" list, just not in any position of priority.

Well, I'm glad I finally made the time and effort. This was a remarkably inventive, imaginative, complex, and satisfying story. The performances, though all wildly divergent in tone, all somehow work towards a unified whole, so you don't get the sense everyone's acting in their own, different movie. The visual style, obviously much inspired by the German Expressionists, is gorgeous, and though the CG is dated, I'd argue even that works towards the uncomfortable, cramped, claustrophobic, artificial feel the film is going for.

The philosophical questions the film poses aren't really explored in any great depth, but the story, the characters, and the visuals are strong enough that I'm willing to let that slide. If you're like me and have been meaning to get to this film for a while now, I'd recommend bumping it up towards the top of your list.