Ghostbusters ★★★★★

This movie holds up incredibly well. Venkman is a fool and a creep, but the movie kinda knows this and doesn't really align itself with his perspective. The Peter-Dana dynamic could have still gone very wrong, had they not cast Sigourney Weaver in the role; the strength of her performance rescues the character Dana from being overshadowed by Murray's shenanigans.

As for the rest of the film, I think the reason it succeeds so much is because it mixes its comedy with genuine earnestness. Yes, it's a funny, silly film, but it also takes itself seriously enough for the audience to become invested in both the characters and the story. Too many comedies shy away from any display of earnestness, which is, I think, why I tend to eschew the genre in general. Ghostbusters hits the sweet spot, though, between taking itself TOO seriously, and just seriously enough.