Jurassic Park ★★★★

So let's be honest, the first act of this movie is kinda garbage. It telegraphs exactly what it is and what it's going to do in the most didactic, Screenplay 101 way possible. What's more, the characters are completely uninteresting (does anyone REALLY care if Dr. Grant decides he likes children after all?), saved only by a collection of really strong performances (turns out this Spielberg guy can direct).

BUT, once the fun begins, this movie is and remains one of the best-constructed, tense, thrilling, and all-out fun monster movies that's ever been made. The 1993 special effects somehow hold up; not just the CGI, but the almost impossibly-good compositing. The score is, of course, an all-timer, and the stakes are comfortably low enough to ground the film and make it than much more thrilling.

So yeah, Jurassic Park. Not perfect by any stretch, but damn, damn good, even after all these years.