TRON: Legacy ★★★★

Y'know what? I'll be honest: I honestly don't understand the hate for this film. Yes, the film's plot could have used a little more development, and yes, Garrett Hedlund -- though nowhere near as bad as everyone seems to think -- doesn't exactly give a memorable performance. But Olivia Wilde's enthusiasm as Quorra is contagious, and Jeff Bridges gives an excellent double performance. His Clu, in particular, is at times heartwrenching, though all anyone remembers is the creepy POLAR EXPRESS-like de-aging used on Bridges to bring that character to life.

The film would have also had more emotional impact if the time and the money had been available to develop Tron's character (which is to say, to work the de-aging magic on Bruce Boxleitner in addition to Bridges), but what we get is good. The script is fast-paced, the action propulsive, the look of the film simply stunning, and of course, the Daft Punk score is one of the best scores of the past decade.

Is it perfect? No, of course not. But it's very very good, and with a little work (and time, and money) it could have been great. I say it holds up, and I still want the promised sequel.