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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    It’s his second year of being Batman, the second year Bruce Wayne has donned his cape and cowl, dressing as a flying rodent and hunting criminals in the street. It’s a pivotal moment in the development of this now legendary Detective Comics character, and it’s one rarely depicted on screen before - which is why Matt Reeves’ new adaptation is so thrilling. 

    Though Reeves’ film plays out like a three-hour gangster epic - a vivisection (by way of the Riddler)…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    It’s the 1970s in the San Fernando Valley, and 25-year-old Alana Kane is aimless. So uncertain what to do with her life, she lashes out at her family around her. But while working as a school photographer, she meets 15-year-old Gary Valentine. He’s completely smitten with her, but underage, so they must remain friends. In Paul Thomas Anderson’s episodic masterpiece “Licorice Pizza,” that tension bubbles and reveals new aspects of itself over and over through the many random situations the…

Popular reviews

  • The Baby of Mâcon

    The Baby of Mâcon


    Famine has ravaged the town of 16th century Mâcon, France. There’s no food, people are dying, women are barren. The end seems near, but then a miracle happens: an elderly woman (that the city unfortunately finds grotesque) delivers a son! However her grown daughter (still a virgin, she says) claims the child as her own - born through immaculate conception. It’s a miracle from God and thus the plague on Mâcon is lifted.

    Or, this could all be just a…

  • Loveless



    Andrey Zvyagitsev’s horrific drama uses the pretence of a missing child to send a chilling message about the current stat of Russia and the world.

    Zhenya and Boris are going through a nasty divorce. Though they still live together, both have other partners and another future they can’t wait to plunge into head first. They also have a son, Alyosha, and deep down both wish they didn’t. For them, Alyosha represents every past decision they regret, and makes them doubt…