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  • The Turning

    The Turning

    Love how right when the film was starting to get a bit more interesting they just randomly ended the film... Easily one of the laziest offerings for Horror I’ve seen in a long time. Also can Brooklyn Prince just be in something good please that’s all I ask. 
    Grade: D

  • Goldfinger



    With a far more episodic, fast-paced and over the top feel, Goldfinger feels like the film that out of the 3 fully understands the world and utter absurdity that is the 007 series. I will say personally I do prefer the seriousness of the first two and their almost Hitchcockian feel but the fun and campiness of this one is very hard not to buy into. One of the things I think this one does do a little better than…

  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia with Love


    With a bigger budget and a far more compelling story, From Russia with Love is the film that really starts to show this franchise's true potential. Right off the bat, I think the biggest improvement in this film is its story. While I really did enjoy Dr. No quite a bit the mission as a whole was pretty silly and felt a lot lower stakes compared to this one. From the opening scene, it's clear this is going to be…

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    When approaching a film like Dr. No that kicked off a huge legacy of one of the most well known and iconic action heroes of all time, it's important to remember the time this was made as well as how scarce films of this ilk were in the 1960s. So with all of those factors in play it's easy to see why Dr. No is a very different kind of Bond film from what we see today. The style is…

  • A Fall From Grace

    A Fall From Grace


    An overlong, tedious and incredibly mishandled film that somehow even with a nearly 2-hour length it still somehow manages to feel too surface level and far too straightforward for its own good. It does have like 1 solid performance but overall this is nothing different from what we've seen from Tyler Perry before a man who has been doing this for years yet this film kind of starts to hint at him actually getting worse including maybe his worst twist…




  • Gigli



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    .......I literally paid for this shit...
    Oh yeah also love how the movie repeatedly states how Jlo's character is supposed to be a lesbian yet she fucks him anyway... Very hard to tell why these two broke up shortly after this was made... So uh yeah easily the best romance film of all time!
    Grade: F

  • Dolittle


    With a horrifically bad performance from the normally great Robert Downey Jr. (who in this film speaks in a mostly whispery and monotone voice doing the worst impression of Willam Dafoe from The Lighthouse that I’ve ever seen) and some of the worst child humor I’ve seen in a long time, Dolittle is about what you’d expect from a film that went through so much production hell. The CGI is also truly awful here and at many key points you…

  • Bad Boys for Life

    Bad Boys for Life


    With the exclusion of Michael Bay, Bad Boys for Life is able to deliver a generally entertaining and surprisingly more character driven film that really does show what was holding them back all along. Smith and Lawrence have always been great but without the embarrassing dialogue from Bay they’re really able to shine here and deliver some really memorable and fun performances. However what stuck out the most to me about this entry in the series than the others is…

  • Doctor Dolittle

    Doctor Dolittle


    Certainly a lot better than the original and has some fun moments due to Eddie Murphy's committed performance to the character. That being said it's far too dated in terms of effects (specifically the facial movements on the animals which very much creeps into uncanny valley) and the humor is just overall too juvenile for my taste to really win me over. In the end, it's a fine film that is harmless enough but doesn't really do much of anything for me now sadly.
    Grade: C

  • Dr. Dolittle 2

    Dr. Dolittle 2

    The second I saw Steve Zahn as a bear singing "I Will Survive" I knew this was gon be something bad and then I jokingly said, "I hope they don't play in the credits" and... THEN THEY FUCKING DID.... Goddamn, this one aged badly.
    Grade: D

  • Underwater



    Good news for Underwater! It’s the best movie of the year! That being said considering it’s January that isn’t necessarily something to be proud of. This is a painfully boring, derivative and for the most part tedious action film that just reminds us of other films that have handled this concept way better. Kristen Stewart and Jessica Henwick do their best to elevate the material but due to how one note and almost nonexistent their characters are this is a…