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  • From Beyond the Grave

    From Beyond the Grave


    Strange poster. But film begins with an amazing feeling of the old horror anthologies traveling over a graveyard.

    Film tells four tales hinging around Peter Cushing's antique shop. The theme seems to be, if you do a bum thing (like steal something) you get a bum ending.

    Tale takes itself very seriously, but it is quite fun,.

  • Chamber of Horrors

    Chamber of Horrors


    Set up like an American Hammer, the film is a strange choice to implement Castle like SHOCK WARNINGS. Tale is about a killer who gets his hand lopped off, and the detectives chasing after him.

    Also...the scenes that follow the warnings are mostly quick fade outs...

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Leave it to Von Trier to delve into a discussion of violence and the arts that never touches reality. Funnier than it probably should be and not as dark as it probably tries to be, it is in other ways quite special...and the culmination of the strengths of his previous outings. Directors cut.

  • Planet of the Vampires

    Planet of the Vampires


    Moody and atmospheric as hell...then ultimately becomes a dud when we meet the vampires.
    One of the few films that you can honestly say is stunningly artistic yet also resembles an episode of Lost in Space.
    You can currently enjoy it for the DNA of the film Alien (a much better film) but this is creepy in its own right.