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  • The Three

    The Three


    Goes in a lot of different directions at once, and didn't blow me away in any of its tones or stylistic approaches, but it's certainly funny in places, romantic in others, and visually quite creative. I'm not sure it coalesces to anything in particular, and one of the characters is an MPDG without much substance, but the acting stays strong throughout and keeps it rooted even if my attention span wandered at times.

  • The Devil Wears Prada

    The Devil Wears Prada


    First time in a decade, it hasn't aged well in terms of its fat jokes, its fashion choices, or its stylistic trappings, and the direction is flat, but the actors are all fun and Miranda is a great villain. Don't get the retcon of Nate being the bad guy, a guy wanting to spend more time with his gf and wanting her to get away from her toxic as shit boss seems like an ok guy to me.

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  • Reprise



    I loved Thelma so had high hopes for this one and it didn't disappoint (though I still prefer Thelma due to its slightly more abstract approach to the plot). Reminds me of Desplechin a bit but otherwise its own beast - there's madness, there's intense feeling about exes, intense feeling about art, and some really incisive depiction of friendship - the way young men in particular but I imagine people in general jostle for approval and care about the in-group…

  • Winter Kills

    Winter Kills


    Absolute boss shit. Besides John Huston giving an absolute all-timer performance which frequently had me in stitches, and Jeff Bridges doing his best proto-Lebowski clueless dope work, this has got Toshiro Mifune! Tony Perkins! Dorothy Malone! Liz Taylor! Eli Wallach! Sterling Hayden!

    Add to that Jarre's soundtrack and Zsigmond's imagery and you get something great already, but the movie has more to offer than that - it simultaneously functions as a very funny parody of conspiracy movies that were all…