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This review may contain spoilers.

I like movies
Movies are cool
However most movies SUCK and are BAD
I rarely come across recent movies for children that do not feel like soulless attempts to appeal to kids and simply be cute and marketable with a very shallow and surface level message like "be nice :3" and that is all
I believe this movie is incredibly solid with its messaging and it does so incredibly well

I've seen movies do a family dynamic thing and it's always an incredibly basic "they fight but learn to work together!!!" but this movie applies a lot more nuance, in both the main character, Katie (I think) and the father (I deadass forgot his name entirely). The movie shows conflict between the two incredibly naturally and it is resolved equally so, showing that they are simply incompatible until the actual climax of the movie shows both of them having to do things that the other specifically excels in, that they'd usually dismiss as unimportant or stupid.

The familial conflict between the two always feels incredibly real, trying to get along but always failing because they just never see where the other side's coming from, and it does not feel like the movie is setting up either one as unreasonable, but more a very real dynamic that would often happen. I watched this movie with my mother and she felt that the father was in the right the entire time, I disagree with that, and I think that's one thing that makes the movie great, it's real and it has heart to it, it is easily relatable and there are genuine lessons about family to be learned.

The secondary message is more about technology and the impact it has on people, the dad plays the role of the typical "phones bad" guy while Katie relies on it incredibly heavily. The movie could have very easily fallen into the trap of just being a lame phones are bad cliche but it toed the line incredibly well, towards the end showing the father realising that even though he spent the entire movie being against it, he learns how much genuine joy there is to be taken from it and how much it allows creatively.

Unlike the typical animated movie made in a lab by 59 year old guys in suits this movie does seem genuinely funny, not just haha silly minions humour but earnestly comedic, and many of the visual gags, while sometimes repetitive, give the movie a genuine level of charm and passion that makes it its own thing, not just "another kids movie" like Ice Age 57.

The Animation is wonderful. It's its own style, fun little visuals give it a new feeling, it is never stale or dull and it feels like it was made by someone who legitimately just wanted to make the best movie they could, and I miss that feeling a lot with studios like Illumination or whatever.

Very cool and cute movie
I like the dog