Midsommar ★★★★½

So I went to see this at a 10:15 P.M. screening on the Fourth of July. Also, I only got about 4-5 hours of sleep because I woke up early to binge all of Stranger Things season 3. 

I went into this film pretty tired, but looking forward to it as such a fan of Hereditary. When it ended, I didn’t exactly know how to feel. I felt confused, unsettled, but most of all felt hypnotized. 

It ended around 12:50. It’s 2:10 as I write this. After thinking about this film’s themes, characters and their decisions, the buildup, and the final 30 minutes, I feel a sense of understanding of what Ari Aster was going for.

If you’re going into this as someone who loved Hereditary, this isn’t nearly as unsettling. At least to me. But then I realized that this film is in a totally different area when it comes to horror. It felt more obscure, and at times comedic and lighthearted. This film was even described by Aster as “Wizard of Oz for perverts” and yeah, that fits pretty well. 

This is a drug-induced psychological horror film about a character’s emotional journey. 

And I’m very curious to see this again. Because I think rewatching with the knowledge about what this film really is will make it a better experience. 

Side note: I’m honestly in shock that this has a wide release. Hereditary is a bit more understandable due to its paranormal elements. But my goodness, if you thought that film was “weird” or “divisive” you aren’t prepared for this. There was a scene that made me go “yeah, if I was in a sold out audience with casual moviegoers, at least 40% of the audience would leave” 

Sorry this is long, but I don’t think I can go to sleep without putting down my thoughts. Definitely a film I’ll be thinking about all year. 

Holy hell, what an experience. 

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