Half Baked

Half Baked ★★

"I love weed, But not as much as I love pussy!"

Like most stoner comedies, Half Baked is stupid at times, likely intentionally stupid. However, it's also amusing. It has funny cameos from Tommy Chong, Tracy Morgan, Snoog Dogg, Willie Nelson, Jon Stewart, and Bob Saget among others. Dave Chappelle really does know how to steal every scene that he appears in. His comedic skills are what truly sell this movie. Lots of pot humor, some of it generic, some of it original, but Chappelle is genuinely funny. But it's just too bad that most of the times the jokes just don't land. Given how I have a soft spot for stoner comedies, and how much I like Dave Chappelle, I was surprised by how bored and irritated I was with this.

Not my pot of tea, but Dave Chappelle is hilarious in this.