Cabaret ★★★★

Best Actress Ranking

Cabaret has to be one of the most enchanting film one can have ever seen. Bob Fosse directed the film with such grace and style, that he so deserved the Oscar for Best Director. Liza Minnelli takes on the role of Sally Bowles and makes it her own, delivering a fantastic performance making her worthy of her Best Actress win. As the Master of Ceremonies, Joel Grey steals every scene and like the film's other Oscar wins, demonstrates why he deserved his Best Supporting Actor win. Some of the events in the film add nothing to the plot, while others are simply odd. The film works brilliantly as a satire and social commentary on Nazi Germany. I do think though that where the film is at it's very best are during the musical scenes. You cannot watch Liza's rendition of "Cabaret" and her duet of "Money Money" with Joel Grey, without enjoying and singing to every beat, every moment of it. I respect how Cabaret greatly influenced and changed the way musicals and twisted relationships were made in movies. It is completely deserving of its status as a film classic.

Grade: B+
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