Enola Holmes ★★★★

Enola Holmes, what a great film. Wow, I really enjoyed this film. This film wasn't necessarily perfect, there were some flaws that I found within this film. But still, I think it's an enjoyable film especially for families.

With the storyline, I don't have that much problem. I thought the flow of the story wasn't consistently amazing but it was still really good. I had some issues with the story as I thought it had many things in it that is missing. Helena Bonham Carter's Eudora, don't really know what was behind or what really happened of her plan in this film. And I didn't really know what happened and will happen to her in this film so it's really a total mystery. Also, the cleverness of this film wasn't too much clever. I think it had some great shares of it. But still, I thought the screenplay was great. It didn't really take away some of my enjoyment watching this film.

Now the performances is what keeps this film afloat. Millie Bobby Brown, although I wasn't a fan of how much she talked to the screen, she did such an amazing job. She's excellent in Stranger Things and I really love her in that show. Henry Cavill, there wasn't actually much of him in this film. But he still does such a great job. Helena Bonham Carter, she's OH-MAZING in this film as she always is. Wow, I really loved her in this film. Her mother and daughter tandems with Millie Bobby Brown was very cute. Fiona Shaw and Frances Dela Tour also were excellent even with little to do in this film. Louis Patridge, I'm not sure about his character but he's so good in this film.

Overall, I thought this film was amazing and very fun to watch. Had some issue with the story with the performances keeping it afloat.

Grade: B+

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