In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

In the Mood for Love is a competent piece of filmmaking. This film is flawless in every way. This film has an appealing concept and is sensual without being overly explicit or flamboyant. It's fascinating to see how every chance meeting and coincidence leads up to the film's presupposition. The bittersweetness works in the film's favor. Not only is this film a work of art in terms of storytelling, but it is also a visually superb. The camerawork is so precise and gentle, and the repeated use of the main theme with the violin playing really completes the scene. Maggie Cheung's performance is so calm because she has such good control over how expressive she should be in any given situation. Tony Leung's performance, which is full of grace, is also a success. The two of them have incredible chemistry. Red is the hottest color.

Grade: A+
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