Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

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Sound of Metal has touched on a subject which gave me a quite different experience that I had before with films that has an almost similar one.

I watched this film having no idea what it was going to be about, but I always had fear watching it for no reason, therefore, I am just catching up on this now. Going into the first 5 minutes of this film, I had no idea what the matter of this film was going to be about. But as it progresses, I didn't know I was putting myself into a hard and quite traumatizing experience.

Now, this film is about Ruben, a heavy-metal drummer, whose hearing starts to deteriorate therefore it's difficult for him to continue with this his life. Although he still does despite of the obstacles. When you think about it, you are given a feeling of shiver. And as Ruben's hearing in this film begins to lose, we get the sympathizing that we need for his character. There's this scene of him in the pharmacy where he was asked by the pharmacist to go consult a doctor, and from that scene alone, you can feel his desire to get a plenty percent of his hearing back again. Then during his conversation with the doctor, you distinguish and see the hopelessness and pain that he feels knowing that's he's not gonna get the hearing that he's lost. And he was asked to stay in a shelter for deaf people wanting to recover. In there, we follow him in his journey through recovery.

And we are taken into his everyday life in this shelter. You sort of is attached to his routine and state of living in that place. I also love those scenes where the people in that shelter cooperates with each other. The way they chat and communicate with each other, it was brilliantly displayed in here. The cooperation was there. And of course, I have to give credit to Darius Marder for an excellent job at showing to us how deaf people interacts with each other, as well as to those who are not. Of course, technology is a benefit to it, it's used very well in this film. I don't mean the technology used for the technical aspects, but the one's used in the narrative.

But then, a big factor to why this film works is because of the usage of sound. The synchronization of what Ruben hears and the outside one's works superbly in this film. The transition from each other was flawless. There was by the way one scene in this film where a student and Ruben was in a slide. Ruben was tapping the slide wherein the student leans his ear to the slide, with every beat that comes from the tapping to his ears. That was a very charming scene right there. To be honest, maybe this has one of the best use of sound I've ever seen in a film.

Then we also have the remarkable performances in this film, particularly by Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci. Riz Ahmed brings life to his character with such deep and meaningful passion. His performance was sensational. He makes this film truly downhearted, but at the same time, satisfying as we are taken through the ups and downs of his character's life. He makes us feel his character. Paul Raci also gives a compelling performance as the leader of a house for the deaf and a mentor to Raci's Ruben. Kudos to Darius for casting Raci in this film as it really does give authencity to everything going on with him and the other characters in this film.

Also, really smart having majority of the cast from the deaf community. I think it was a very important doing from Marder himself. And the fact that he spent eighth months learning American Sign Language, just goes to show how much commitment and hard work he had and gave or this film. Bravo Darius Marder!

Grade: A-
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