Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

The original 3-hour superhero epic! And... Daaaamn!

That 4K is tasty!

I saw the Theatrical cut several times in theatre but until now had not seen the Ultimate Edition.

As much as I enjoyed the TC this version is so very much better.

For me this is the best film of the DCU crop but full disclosure I haven't seen Justice League yet. However I do appreciate what (rumor says) Snyder and co had planned for the series.

Between Man of Steel and this movie I like the idea of the "darker, grittier, more realistic" approach, much maligned though it has become.

While comic books generally are a form of fantasy and escapism, it is a very interesting treatise to me to take the contemporary world of paranoia and governmental distrust and see how they would react to a being like Superman.

And Snyder definitely has something to say about this world, where it has become very difficult for people to stand together.

Part of why I like this movie so much is that it's challenging on so many levels. It challenges our ideas of Batman and who he is especially in regards to his "no killing" rule. It challenges what we think is the path to Superheroism. It challenges ideas of what a comic book movie should be.

But most of all it challenges contemporary society by turning a mirror on it. And in that mirror people did not like what they saw which is why so many people got so mad over it.

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