Homicide ★★★★½

A sobering meditation on the intersectionality of racial tensions between the black and Jewish communities. Mamet is a master of dialogue, the film feels like a documentary with the way the characters talk and interact.

Homicide tracks parallel investigations, one spiraling out of a botched FBI raid with several dead police officers at its center, while another revolves around the death of a Jewish woman who turns out to have a hidden history.

Joe Montegna is perfection as Bobby Gold, a detective caught between these two cases. He's been ordered away from a possibly career-defining case to handle the less glamorous assignment of the downed Jewish woman.

As he digs deeper, however, pieces fall into place but they don't all fit the way he was hoping. Over the course of 72 hours, Gold is forced to choose between the right thing and the legal thing. Unfortunately, those aren't always the same thing.