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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    This is one of those classic slashers that I’ve largely avoided due to a fear I’d just be disappointed. I WAS WRONG! This is some disturbing shit! I’d fucking put above Halloween in terms of spooky spook factor, not in terms of craft tho. Dat boi Bob Clark ain’t no Carpenter. 

    Dis boi went on to direct Baby Genuises. Classic!!!

  • Apostle



    A beautiful slice of folk horror. REALLY fucking dug this. The atmosphere is akin to Burton’s Sleepy Hollow meets The Wicker Man meets Silent Hill.  A fantastic October film.

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  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    To me, this movie is still incredible. Do I care about how Bruce Wayne got back to Gotham? No.  Do I wonder how Bruce painted a gasoline bat symbol on a bridge? Not really, no. Do I care that Batman is in the film for all of 25 minutes? Nah

    This movie is, next to The Dark Knight, still the greatest superhero flick ever made, in my opinion. The emotional resonance is just-- fuck is it good. Not good, wait,…

  • mother!



    Lol at anyone who thinks this is genius