Carol ★★★★½

Carol is incredibly emotionally heavy, yet subtle at the same time. It's as if everything in the film happens on a whisper. Your heart hurts for both characters, and all the way throughout, you're pleading that everything will be alright. It was like agonizingly being on the verge of tears on and off for two hours.

The performances are magnificent. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara took my breath away. Their individual performances, as well as on screen chemistry, felt powerfully real.

I also loved being in the time period of it all. The costume design, the set design, and even the old school photography. It made it all the more tragic. The score and cinematography were quite beautiful as well and were the perfect accent to two beautiful performances.

And yet, even after viewing such a loving film, I have this inherent inclination that the true emotional weight will be discovered upon rewatches.

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