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  • Halloween



    My 4K Best Buy exclusive Steelbook arrived a day early and I was champing at the bit to get my hands on it and give this film an honest reappraisal. To that end, I popped in my newly acquired disc last night and gave it a watch free from the crushing burden of expectation. I also earnestly attempted to divorce myself from the strongly felt irritation I had toward fans and critics at the time of its much ballyhooed release…

  • I, Madman

    I, Madman


    There’s an awful lot of stuff in this film that appeals directly to me. I’ve never been a DTV, SOV or super low budget indie horror sort of a guy. I respect that stuff and those that make it, but I just prefer a tad more polished aesthetic presentation. And this film is positively teeming with striking imagery and well composed shots, making it a truly memorable movie watching experience every time I throw it on. 

    I, Madman is in…

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  • Halloween



    I’m pretty torn on this and absolutely expect that my opinion will appreciate greatly on rewatch. Mostly I was bored out of my mind for the first 40 minutes. The bald faced expository dialogue incessantly spouted by every character in every interaction was goddamn unbearable. I’ve seen the original Halloween probably 25 times over the last 35 years, including last night in preparation for this, and Laurie does not feel like Laurie in this. At all. 

    I get that 40…

  • Mandy



    Ok, I’d like to amend my review from last night while apologizing for it. 

    It’s fine if people hate this movie or think it’s hollow or it’s not metal or that it’s misogynistic or whatever. Everybody’s interpretation of this and all other films is their own and valid and they are absolutely entitled to them. 

    But I love this film with all my soul. It speaks to me. It’s about how shitty men are and how poisonous and destructive the…