Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★★

I just watched this for the second night in a row with two friends I’ve know for 29 and 24 years respectively. I loved it again. Fuck Bret Kavanaugh again. I love Chud and Danno and Swarty and Ian and all the other positive people on here. I want to be happy and I want to be open hearted and in love with the possibilities of life. 

I love my daughter and my sons. I love Darth Maul and L3. The future is wide open. Love is the law. Love above all else. Be gentle. Be kind. Be open minded. Get drunk and reach out to a world you don’t understand but want to be connected to. Cause the alternative is isolated oblivion. I want to give a black guy rapper with face tattoos a hug. I want to smoke spleefs with Chud and my Pal Derek Horman who isn’t even on Letterboxd. I want Danno to forgive Chud for their little dust up. 

I want everyone to open their hearts. All power to all the people. BlackKlansman was an underwhelming, crappy movie, but that line is the fucking TRUTH. Fuck Bret Kavanaugh. Fuck Trump. Fuck division and xenophobia and racism and homophobia. Fuck my former inability to understand transgender issues. I embrace them. Be who you want to be. Be who you feel you are in your heart. It detracts from my life not in the slightest and isn’t any of my fucking business in the first place. Live your truth with no concern for the short sightedness of others.

It’s all a Dream. We don’t know how long we have on this earth and to spend any of that miraculous time we’re afforded ostracizing and hating others is a sin. It’s a sin to hate anyone for their differences and to deny them their right to be happy and to be who they are. The only point of being alive on this planet is to be kind to others and to be an ally to truth and self expression. Love and support. Minimize hate. Eradicate anger. Accept those you don’t understand or relate to. Open your arms and open your heart. Tell your friends you love them cause you won’t have them forever. 

I’ve lost a lot of love in my life. To actual physical death. To my anger and selfishness. To my unwillingness to understand how others feel. To refusing to love myself. I refuse to lose any more love to trivial, juvenile nonsense. Art is love. Friendship is love. Music is live. Movies are love. 

Love is the law. Love under will.

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