The Running Man ★★½

I saw this film in the theater in 1987 and about 273,498 times taped off HBO after that. Which might explain why watching this again felt like a giant waste of time. I knew every edit, line reading, musical cue, all of it. Like it was imprinted on my brain. 

So, if no one had ever killed a stalker before Ben Richards did it, how fucking short was this show? Or did they have to burn through like 26 felons a night to cobble together 3 hours of programming? 

How bad is the action in this? Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by all the John Wick and blockbuster shit the last 5 years, but this stuff is clown shoes. You ever notice Arnold’s big movie in all his films of this era is when someone preposterously throws a haymaker at his lats, he throws his meaty arm around to grab it and wrenches their arm upwards? It’s like his one big thing in this. 

How about how the commercial they show for Running Man in the first 5 minutes of the movie features footage of the stuff that occurs with Arnold, Yaphet and the other dude thirty minutes later? How did they get that? Tachyon transmission like in Prince of Darkness? Fucking stupid. 

Jesse and Richard Dawson still slay in this though. 


I think I can wait another 30 years before bothering to watch this again. Providing I don’t get killed by Corona next week.

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