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  • Mulan


    yall this shit is inspiring as hell

  • Pride



    I walked into this film as a gay man expecting to personalize the shit out of it no matter its quality, knowing full well that I am a sucker for queer history of any kind. I left the initial viewing with a smile on my face after falling deeply in love with yet another gay flick but as time passed I realized this was something more. The themes here are heavy. Strong. Important. I always felt a connection to other…

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  • Mommy



    This one got under my skin in a manner that I love as much as I hate. I found myself in every character's expression and helplessness as they moved along pretending they had it together and knew how to help others; an exploration of the parts of the family portrait that don't get immortalized on the mantle. I left the theatre feeling immediate ownership of the movie as if I needed to defend it for the rest of time.

  • Whiplash



    It's been months since I've seen this one but I miss it like a friend I haven't talked to in a while. Every moment of this movie elevates higher and brings the audience further into the psyche of Miles' character. Flashes of my own youth spent chasing perfection came flooding back as he lost himself in the pursuit of greatness. It reminds me of every moment when I thought I could go a little bit further until finally I broke.…