Lightyear ★★★

A pretty polemic movie because of a lesbian kiss that only appear 2 seconds on screen, a pretty decent film about Lightyear learning how to be humble and forgive himself. It isn't the funniest or the most emotional Pixar film (only the first minutes are kind of touching) but it still works as an entertaining science fiction story.

To start with, the script is the main problem of the movie, I mean, it starts pretty well if you ignore some lazy jokes and interactions but then is just something both predictable and uninspired, just think about the main twist and how inconsistent it is, it creates more answers than questions. Apart of that, it is pretty obvius the role of most of the characters, especially Sox who is a plot device, a big amount of tools to solve problems, sometimes in creative or, at least, convincing ways and other well, just punch of luck. Talking about conveniences, there are one or two moments where our protagonist or other character is saved by surprise, which isn´t that abd but still something to mention. And yes, it really tries to be funny but its humour isn´t the best from Pixar, at least the emotional stuff works decently with the montage of the first minutes. So yeah, the story with all the time travels is enought to entertain but not the best to create a unique experience as other Pixar movies.

Now the best part of the movie are the characters, starting with the protagonist, Buzz, which character arc is pretty well develop as he learn to be more humble and forgive himself, in fact, are the element in the movie helps to make this more belivable despite it is predictable. On the other hand, I mention that Sox is, basically, a plot device, despite this, he is the funniest character in the movie and, basically, the most enjoyable, maybe because its pretty simple and careful personality. About the other supporting characters, the granddaughter of Hawythorne has a small arc of superation that well depicted still not that explored and the other ones aren´t funny enought or even annoying at moments. The main villain is part of the Buzz arc but its origin is pretty dumb, I mean, the way how the movie justify it its pretty poor.

Now in technical part the SFX is well made despite it isn´t that amazing. About more important things, the animation is great as in other Pixar movies but the designs are a little to generic to make its world memorable. The photography looks great specially in the space scenes, which are the most stunning of the movie.

In conclusion, it isn´t that special in general terms, just the main characters and some scenes saves the movie to be just another planet on the vast universe.

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