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  • Margaret



    I think this is the film I'm most impressed by. There are others I have a stronger personal connection to or have more fun revisiting, but no other film elicits quite the same "How the fuck is this a thing that humans created?" feeling brought on by the sheer achievement of Lonergan and the cast here. That was true even of the theatrical cut; now that I've seen the extended one, I'm almost hesitant to use it as the basis…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Oh, I liked it.

    I mean, sure, I can't help feeling a fair bit of frustration at how much potential it holds on paper—I still remember the little upticks of anticipation I felt at every new social media scoop during the festival circuit—and how little of it is actually delivered on. It's surely no coincidence that so many people I've talked to IRL described it as a "normal" or "regular" movie in articulating their disappointment; this is a film that…

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  • Her



    Oh my god. How is this movie real. How is Joaquin Phoenix's performance real. How is Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography real. How does it all hold up so well after three viewings. How did Spike Jonze not get nominated for Best Director. How.

    I love Her so much it hurts

  • Rushmore



    A film whose seemingly muted tone hides layers upon layers of humor, sadness, fragility and beauty. It looks like it's just going to pass by, and then sweeps you up.