Tampopo ★★★★★

Tampopo must be the greatest "food film" ever made.

It's a celebration of eating, a commentary on consumption, and a meditation on digestion. Our lives revolve around food — from the mundane to the grand; from our first moments to our last — food.

From the very beginning of the film to the very end, I was giddy the whole way through. Tampopo is brimming with charm and originality. It's lighthearted, hilarious, and vibrant — every moment is teeming with life.

The western influences are at the forefront, but there's also comedy, drama, action, and silent film quirks. Each genre adds a different flavour to the overall narrative, with fun side-story interstitials acting as palette cleansers to the main course. It's a well-conceived banquet.

And like with any perfect meal, you'll find yourself properly indulged by the end. Clean bowls all around.

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