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  • Hostile



    We get a protagonist who, through flashbacks, is shown to not have been the most likable person. She's a way better character in the present, and becomes a bit of a badass.
    The world in which Hostile takes place isn't totally fleshed out, and neither are the creatures.
    The tone of the film is odd, but it all comes together by the end.
    As for the ending, I can see it rubbing a good amount of people the wrong way.

  • Upgrade



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Spoilers ahead!
    Upgrade is not a typical revenge flick. Besides its own unique story, the ending makes you question what you just watched.
    The end sequence shows that STEM orchestrated the entirety of the events within in the film. Grey wasn't getting revenge on his wife's killers; STEM was eliminating other "upgraded" humans.

    I've seen plenty of people throw in RoboCop when trying to compare Upgrade to other films. There's like 2% RoboCop in this movie.
    I've also seen people…

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  • Bloodsport



    My birthday 1988 movie marathon continues with a longtime favorite.
    Yeah, the real Frank Dux was a fraud, but this still kicks all the ass.

  • From Dusk Till Dawn

    From Dusk Till Dawn


    -Where are you taking us?
    -To Mexico.
    -What's in Mexico?