Knight of Cups ★★★★★

A film that makes words useless. Nothing can describe this symphony of imageries.
The modern life is haphazard, dangerous, hedonistic but also filled with beauty among that. The quest for meaning and identity is universal. The microscopic struggle is the most important and understandable in this world. Malick succeeds with this juxtaposition between small and huge. Between near presence and intangible vastness.

Terrence Malick has honed his filmmaking to the most abstract extreme. Where "The Tree of Life" were nostalgic and filled with the splendor of memory, and where "To The Wonder" were set in the eternal struggle called "love". "Knight of Cups" puts heavy christian imageries together with modern settings that are at first presumably God-less and "lost". The quest is unique and brimming.

I had to rewatch it almost immediately to see if I could grasp a cohesive feeling. But I had to lean back and let the film sweep me away. That is the best the film can do. Take me away, inside a mans struggle and outside on struggles for a whole planet.

This is a film which I will revisit as many times as I can, to revel in it's beauty, it's symphonic movements and see it's wondrous flaws.
It is not on par with "The Tree of Life" or "The New World" but on the other hand, this film was never supposed to be like those either.

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