Gangs of New York ★★★½


Scorsese loves his gangs and crimes. Scorsese's direction is excellent and shows that he can do any genre of film from gangster to thriller to an epic. The writing is great every character being given a distinctive voice and those voices mix perfectly. The cinematography is great and the editing is great. Some of the editing was a bit weird some times. Also I hate slow mo I only think it works in very few situations and in very few films. And in this film It did not work for me. The costume design and the production design is fantastic. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a great performance and I love how the viewer is pretty sure what his character is doing, but the film never fully lets you know. Cameron Diaz is also very good, but I did think her character felt a little unneeded in some scenes. Daniel Day-Lewis obviously gives an amazing performance that I absolutely loved. His character is completely unpredictable and his performance captures that perfectly. He is just one of the best actors of all time I need to see all of his filmography. Some problems I had with this film was first I thought the first five minutes of the film were a little obnoxious and weird. I also thought some primary characters had some very underwhelming story arcs or ends. Overall I really like this movie and it went by really fast for being an almost three hour film. A really solid film with amazing acting.