Rocketman ★★★


I knew at the least I'd like the music, but I'm happy I got a lot more out of this. First of all the direction and editing really surprised me on how unique and different it approached the usual biopic structure and vibe. The fantastical mixed with the harshness of reality I thought was really well done, even though sometimes the fantastical became a bit goofy/laughable, but still very solid. Solid writing, but just on the border of being generic. Taron Egerton does a really great job here because he eats up all of the scenery and brings it for the emotional punches later on. I thought he did some fantastic work with the close ups in the film as well. Madden and Bell were also standouts really bringing needed aspects and charm to the film. It felt pretty long and like I said it does do some unique things, but isn't perfect or holy original. Very entertaining and well done, but nothing incredible.