Rocketman ★★★★

Okay I’m not going to directly compare this fantastic film to any other possibly similar musical biopics. However, I will give a list of the great things that Rocketman does do, that totally work. 

The wacky, camp, and frankly weird storytelling decisions here work just about every single time and feel appropriate to its subject matter. 

The decision to make this a near out-and-out musical where the music is there to serve the plot rather than the other way around leaves the focus on a character rather than on the backstory of a bass riff, for example. 

The handling of sexuality, drugs, and the pitfalls of fame are all respectful yet difficult enough to see that they were overseen by somebody with real experience of each matter. 

Direction, editing, music, cinematography; other than in the childhood sequences, these are all daring, and well-handled, serving a purpose to the story and the tone that is appropriate, and fucking fun. 

The performance is incredible, the likeness is surprisingly fantastic and at no point seems like a parody rather than a homage. 

Taron Edgerton’s voice is fucking incredible, clearly mimicking Elton’s singing voice and showing massive talent and dedication to make sure that it feels authentic. 

It’s musical ending is camp, weird, and feels like a therapeutic release for its main character. 

Okay, there. I reviewed Rocketman without comparing it to a single other recent musical biopic. Go see this, it’s lovely. 

And fuck Bohemian Rhapsody.

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