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  • Goodbye for Tomorrow

    Goodbye for Tomorrow


    One night of a dreamer.

    If cinema can change the future or even past, then so it can change the present.

    People make promises - to meet, to live alongside each other, and sometimes, to say "goodbye".

  • Four Sisters

    Four Sisters


    A bond stronger than blood ties and great love under the auspices of the star fisherman. Peace to him who comes to the world and peace to those who leave it. The perfect melodrama.

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  • Uniform Virgin: The Prey

    Uniform Virgin: The Prey


    This one screencap says everything you want to know about this film.

  • Labyrinth of Cinema

    Labyrinth of Cinema


    I don't know what everybody else's relationship with cinema is, and whether you will find this little scene as touching as it was to me, but among many incredible bits and pieces scattered throughout this film, there's one portraying directors Yasujiro Ozu and Sadao Yamanaka having a conversation in Manchuria. What's incredible about this scene is that Yamanaka died of dysentery shortly after, so what you are witnessing is perhaps his last days of happiness, spending time with his dear…