Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★

Well complete nonsense but I found it fun all the same for the most part.
Husband and wife team Paul W. S. Anderson(Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,Death Race) and Milla Jovovich(Alice, Resident Evil series)
Anderson directs and Jovovich stars once again in a video game movie, based on a Capcom game the first Monster Hunter was first released on the PS2 I believe.
Also starring martial arts star Tony Jaa (Ong-Bak) and Ron Pearlman(Hellboy).
Monster Hunter has a high use of CGI and action scenes which in parts can be hard to follow.
The film has some pacing issues but on the whole I had a good time with the movie, my Dad who I watched the movie with seemed to enjoy it also. Even though the pacing was off at times the run time still went rather fast.
The film had not much of a plot, soldiers find themselves in a different world or dimension I guess. The world is full of monsters after Artemis(Jovovich) has her team picked of she joins up with Hunter(Jaa) to help her get back home.
Good action and time passer.

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