Rambo ★★★★

Rambo Series Review

"Maybe you've lost your faith in people. But you must still be faithful to something. You must still care about something. Maybe we can't change what is. But trying to save a life isn't wasting your life, is it?" Sarah

When Rambo came out in cinemas I was gutted because I was too young to go and see it and my Dad didn't take me so I had to wait for the film to come out.
After twenty years(if my math is right) Sylvester Stallone takes up his bandanna and bow and arrow once again as John Rambo. When a group of missionaries go missing in war torn Burma Rambo is called back into action.
Rambo is brutal from the start until the end with nothing held back pure violence.
Stallone nicely directs the movie really handling the action and along the way their are some nice shots.
Stallone as always is great as Rambo I also really enjoy the character of Sarah played by Julie Benz and Graham Mctavish(Lewis) is such a terrible bloke.
I think Rambo is a awesome entry of the series glad to see John Rambo return after many years absent.

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