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  • Abominable



    Those 90s reference came very unexpected.

    Another surprise was the film itself! It took me back to my childhood days, classic Dreamworks charm and meta humor.

    The animation was a little wanky at first, but it started to grow on me. It somewhat reminded me to the style of Lika, though I am guessing this wasn't made on stop motion.

    The voice acting was OK. Only Yin voice suited the character. Chloe did a nice job, but sometimes she sounded…

  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

    A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish


    The first one is still a classic... but this one is alright.

    I came into this film with two mindsets:
    1. This was a job duty as I was interviewing the actress that played the stepmom.
    2. A cheesy Christmas movie with the quality of a Hallmark or a cheap Disney Channel original movie.

    In regards to the first, the actress did a good job playing this soapy, evil stepmom. And the movie was alright, all things considered. It got…

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  • Midsommar



    I dunno... this film needed more bees imo.

    But really, it was a great experience. Thanks to the whole internet for not actually ruining me the whole ending and also a big middle finger to my theater for being postponing the release for months now (and then they complain about piracy).

    Starting off with photography, its really, really great. The play with the travellings, track shots and zooms gave it a really nice 70s horror vibe. This along with the…

  • Joker



    Me: *Sitting on my seat at the theater watches a mom and her two little children (3 and 6 probably) enter the room and sit. Stares in awe, wondering wtf is wrong with this woman*

    Mom: *Sits with her two child, waits for the movie to start and when it does stands from her sit right away, leaving her two children and walks out of the screening*

    Me: *Staring at the two children as the movie kick off and watches…