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  • In the Shadow of the Moon

    In the Shadow of the Moon


    Talking about a movie thats get destroyed by its big reveal. Til the explanation for what its going on and what the movie is all about, this was a greatly shot, with a direction that reminded me to David Ayer (in a good way) and even The Batman (from what I've seen on the trailers), with a very compelling mystery/thriller that had me on the edge of my seat and could go into so many great places, I was invested…

  • Super 8

    Super 8


    Action: The Caps Of Mr. Spielberg - The Epilogues

    You wanna know what's much cooler than night flares? Morning flares. I am still waiting for Abrams to pull that off and he shall archive the flarevana.

    But seriously, this was a nice take on the whole Goonies concept and a less effective or interesting take on the formula that will make Stranger Things a success. The script is pretty decent, the cinematography is really great (flares "kinda" notwithstanding) and performances…

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  • The Legend of Boggy Creek

    The Legend of Boggy Creek


    ENCOURAGED BY Cinemavoid

    I came in expecting nothing and I left with a fun mockumentary type movie that at times feels like a lengthy, one story episode of the original Unsolved Mysteries. The low budget, almost TV-like vibe gave the movie a nice touch and some of the very bad acting (the scene towards the end supposed to be scared but looked almost like a Nic Cage meme) actually didn't hurt the experience but made it much fun.

    All in…

  • Spielberg



    So after my almost week long marathon on Mr. Blockbuster himself, I thought on giving this HBO doc a look and hopefully learn something down the line. And the great thing of this doc (and really any doc on a famous individual) is how I actually get to learn new things about Spielberg, while it also serves as an almost commentary visual/audio. Many of the films I've already seen throughout these past few weeks were in many ways enhaced as…