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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Finally, we have an answer to one of the biggest mysteries, the biggest unanswered question of The Last Duel - where did all the accents go?

    But seriously, I didn't know what to expect from this movie. The reception of the film has been polarizing to say the least, with some loving it and others hating it or being completely indifferent. Ultimately, it depends on how you approach the film. Those looking for high drama, such as The Godfather or…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    As the tweets which led Gunn to join DC have demonstrated, James is a person who can stir controversy and divide audiences. Rather than changing drastically, his time in Guardians of the Galaxy was more like a hiatus or a pause. I'm not saying James Gunn is still the same person he was 10 years ago, but once he is allowed full rein to his imagination, some people will be disenchanted. Recently, I have observed that certain people suddenly had…

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  • 66 Scenes from America

    66 Scenes from America


    On the road: Danes Horizon: The Land of the Royal Dansks

    As I mentioned earlier on, this year I’d be continuing my cinematic travels throughout the world by focusing in a specific country, and this year I’m heading to Denmark.

    And I am starting my journey by actually moving to the states where we find Jorge Leth, who in a pretty Chris Marker-esque styles, brings us this series of short scenes from random places in the United States, though to…

  • Hagbard and Signe

    Hagbard and Signe


    Action!: Axel's Feast

    Coming into this movie, all I ever knew about was that it was directed by our next director in this little series of Danish filmmakers, Gabriel Axe. One of the three movies I could only find from his filmography shows that the man has an incredible body of work that’s hard to find online.

    Either way, I was genuinely surprised by pretty much everything in the film. I didn't expect all the knightly and medieval (?) stuff,…

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  • Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle


    One thing that becomes very clear from the very opening is how the Latino representation here is not some cheap tokenism, but like Black Panther and the Afro-American culture, the Latino culture is in this film's DNA from the heavy Span-glish writing, it’s icono and its geography. It’s even on the soundtrack, with the theme song being this hybrid of your average superhero epic score with some subtle Reggaeton beats.

    The performances are very good. I’ve liked Xolo since discovering…

  • Rubber



    Now imagine what a film directed by David Guetta would be like. Or Tiesto. R3HAB should definitely make a biopic on Amy Winehouse; that would make all the money in the world.

    One cannot describe this movie the same way one cannot put into words a life-changing experience. You can try. But it will be futile. Also, for the love of everything that’s good, kind, and awesome in this world, don’t be like those skeptics who clearly didn’t respect the…