Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

For a film that aims at in many ways reinvents the wheel of the burned out zombie genre by injecting plenty of interesting and great ideas that puts it above those who became later (and probably later on) with its “Escape of New York” concept and, as many have pointed out, dividing the living dead into your typical slow dead walkers, then you have your sprinters and then there’s this one that walks the thin line between the zombies and vampire creatures. For a film that feels somewhat unique, it's sad to see so much of it drowned in tropes that constantly attempt to bury it.

Like I said, the lore and universe we are immersed in are fascinating and have so much room to be explored, so I guess I should consider myself lucky because that's what will happen moving forward. I also enjoyed the costume design, namely the way that so much greatness was built by playing with little details. I enjoyed the zombie characters as well, even though they just moved and made noise in the way we've seen before. With little dialogue and screen time, our two zombie antagonists had such an interesting presence.

In terms of the human performances, most of the team did a decent job. Dave made for a good lead, showing off his skills as a comic relief and a dramatic performer. While I can see why some people hate Matthias' character, I personally enjoyed his work here; I already knew he was labeled as the German Adam Sandler, so I guess I came in with the right expectations. The chemistry between him and Hardwick made for some of the best human interactions in the movie. The fact that Tig Notaro had to do all her work at the last minute, was digitally inserted into the movie and ended up becoming the best character shows how talented she is as an actress and comedian. Some of the best lines in the film come from her.

Unfortunately, not everything is great in here. Many people seem to like Snyder's cinematography and camerawork, however, I was of the opinion that he should have hired someone as it felt redundant and, at times, even dull. In Justice League, I was not fond of the whole "Joker scene", and many of the scenes in this movie are filmed similarly. While there are a lot of great shots like the empty pool scene and the shooting scene in the casino, most things just felt dull and the colour correction was muffled and grey, causing everything to feel depressing. I would have loved for him to use more vibrant colors for this one.

And last but not least, the script was very uneven. It has its share of funny and sad moments, but it's also full of eye-rolling moments that had me moaning so hard. The daughter's role in the plot could have been cut as she didn't really contribute anything except to be the kid that brings all the trouble.

All in all, while it was not the greatest comeback to the genre that saw him break through, it was still an intriguing take on it. I hope we can focus on the new ideas moving forward and let the old tropes die down.

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