As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below ★★★½

Well, here it is! FINALLY got to watch this movie that has been put back and forth on my radar. Out of all the found footage movies in modern history I can remember, this one has to be the most polarizing of them all. People simply seems to love this or hate it in its entirety.

And look, I get it. This isn't particularly scary and this has so many stupid decisions that I literally have some comedy skets coming up, which might be a bit spoilery if you are one of those that ANYTHING may come as a spoiler. But yeah, out of all its flaws, this is one of those movie you can simply go in and have some fun. Its inventive, it feels like one of those History/Nat Geo docs about discovering the story that lies beneath the streets in many places in Europe, and for a history buff like me, that whole thing was fun. And again, they try for some legit scary imagery, wild killings and so much more. And everyone in here on their performances are alright. Plus lets just say that was such an unexpected ending, definitely something new and different.


-Dood, like, why the hell do you follow Lukas Haas on crack after literally saying dude went missing a long time ago. Bitch just show up and tell them to follow. Liii-o--o--i-i--i-i... WHHYYYY? *face palm*

-You all know the black guy was going to die. So that's not a spoiler. I do appreciate they let him leave longer than what's accostumed. Yaayy progress!

-That stone is lazy writing.

-Can we talk about the white ghosts people? I love how at first they were like the big baddies, but WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW?! When our lady Perdita Weeks here was in a hurry, all the sudden she turned into Mrs. Pacman or something. It was like the ghosts where like "You ain't going nowhere! Muaha ha ha ha!" and she was like "Not today Satan. No today!" and she simply tackle them down with such an ease. I swear I could hear "Move Bitch" by Ludacris in my head playing all the sudden.

All in all, again, this film might not be the greatest found footage film but it had some great concepts, it actually brought something rather new to the whole burned concept at the time of found footage and it was just (perhaps unintentionally?) hysterical.

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