Awake ★★

One of the worst things that can happen to an original idea is to have someone with little imagination responsible for its execution.

People have this tendency to always find out and solve the mysteries behind movies, especially horror and suspense movies. As for me, I never do that and I get carried away through history to see how it all unfolds. But there are always movies that lead into the obvious and the cliches and I find myself predicting the plot twists at each step against my will. As an example, the scene in which a character is shot in the head, I knew that was going to happen the moment the actor entered the scene.

That is where the flaw in this movie lies. Despite being interesting, the concept could have gone either in an interesting direction like "Quiet Place" or be so outrageous that the film would be entertaining like "The Happening," but it chooses to stick to the genre's rules.

Unfortunately, Gina doesn't have much to work with other than following the stereotype of the mother in such settings. The daughter is merely a plot device. The son was unbearable. In large part, I think this is due to a lousy script and a lack of direction.

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