Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★½

The new HBO original movie tells the story behind what its considered one of the most controversial financial events in the whole American school system.

First of all, was it me or did Huge Jackman looked or kinda had a lot of Jon Hamm's vibe? I found it so weirdly interesting.

So yeah, this is a complete hoot, especially when watching with your loud mom who kept screaming at the screen, especially when one of the people in poster gets caught, she was like "Oh! What did you expect? Muhu huhu." Hysterical.

Performance wise, they were all so great. Jackman as this likeable version of Patrick Bateman was just phenomenal. Give that man an EMMY and a Golden Globe! The rest of the case were really great too, like, while Jackman took the center stage, the rest had a great choral participation.

The story was also really good. The many twists and turns were just splendid, and the somewhat quirky tone of the movie made everything much fun.

All in all, while I am not precisely that familiar with HBO original movies, from the few I've watched, this is definitely one of the greatest. Totally recommend it.

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