Batman ★★★½

So as promised here's my review for the film that along with Superman pretty much reinvented superhero cinema and propelled the era where we are living now, for better or for worse.

My rather low rating mostly has to do for some personal taste. For instance, while I believe Nicholson beautifully captured both the crime and clown nature of the Joker. Its both his own take with a few glimpse to Romero. Unfortunately I personally prefer Ledger's anarchist take on the character and Phoenix's miserable nature.

Also the 80s got a lot in the way a few times in the movie, especially with those Prince song that almost come out of nowhere, and brought a weird vibe to the movie. Plus the parade song reminded me how the dude sometimes sounded like some other label version of MJ - like what's up with those uh-oh!? That's MJ unwritten trademark. Also many of the 80s was present in the dialogues.

In terms of characters, like, yo! Where's my Gordon boy? Kim Bassinger shows up more than him, like, that's a crime being right there. Even the Eckhardt dude showed up more than him. As you can see, that totally bothered me a lot as a fan of both comics and the movies.

But yeah, with all the bad, there were some real good in it. The score by Elfman is still fantastic, totally got under my skin every time it was played. It was both menacing but also quirky fun.

The cinematography, especially the 4K version, was great. The bleak nature gave the movie and the city as a whole such a very dark and almost sinister nature, which fits the Batman lore. The black and the blue-ish tone were and looked very good.

Also, Keaton as Batman was really good. Dude barely shows up on the movie, if we are being honest, but from what we got, and many of his dialogues, I think he did a really nice job as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, though I guess as he was more in the skin of Wayne, its fair to say in this case he was better Bruce than Batman.

Even I believe some of the dialogues were a bit too cheesy, there were some really nice and fun lines, especially give to Nicholson. Many of his jokes didn't land, but some were quite funny. Also, was it me or did The Dark Knight kinda paid tribute to the shooting scene with Joker on the street at the parade? There were some really good eater eggs here and there.

All in all, while not the greatest Batman ever, it still has enough fun and quips, the technical work is quite good and you can feel some of Burton quips that enhance the movie and make it a bit more special.

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